Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Posted on November 6, 2009


Job seekers usually ask themselves what interview questions to bring when preparing for their interview. These may be a crucial part in giving the impression that they are interested in the job position and well-informed about the company. Ask intelligent questions.

Take note that an interview is a two-way process. Employers often allow the applicants the time to ask few questions during an interview. Be prepared with some questions of your own that you feel will help you better understand the job, the company, their policies, compensation terms and other necessary details.

Make sure it is associated to the job, company, to what the interviewee offer the company when considering what interview questions to prepare. You could write it down on a sheet of paper of remember it. It could be your guide during the interview. You could revise it as you go along, depending on how the conversation turned out.

What Particular Questions to Ask

A particular job and industry will greatly help the applicants decide what interview questions to ask the individual they are meeting with when talking about the job. So, the following are some good queries to prepare which will help the applicants make a short list together.

Interview Questions To Ask About the Job

The applicants may ask about the qualities of the perfect candidate for the job position, the usual workday for the position, the special skills this position needs, and the special skills would the perfect candidate must have.

The interviewee may also ask about the people he will be working with and the people he will be handling if applicable. He may also ask if the position is newly created or just looking for a replacement, how his performance on the work be measured, and how much travel time he would need to reach the office.

They may also ask about the better things did by the company than its competitors, the goals of the department they will be working in, the company goals, and the reason why the group was matched into the company’s organizational structure.

The applicants may also know the things about the company’s biggest challenge, its competitive advantage, and the interviewer’s most want about the company.

Interview Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager

The applicants may also ask about the specific objectives made for the position in the first 6 months or 12 months, challenges he could expect to fulfill these and which were stated in the first question, and ask suggestions about making this role easier in the future.

The applicants may also ask if the company give employee training and what are the rules of the company on continuing education.

Interview Questions to Ask Before Leaving the Interview

And lastly, the applicants may also clarify if there are some questions that need to be answered about the background and qualification for the job position, if there are questions need further clarification, any concerns about interviewee’s suitability for the job position, qualities of the applicant compared with other candidates, and knowing what is the next step in the interview process.

Keep track of the flow of conversation because you might ask a question that has been previously answered during your dialogue. Try not to be redundant because it usually annoys the employer. It also reflects on your listening skill and attentiveness.

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