Ringing in the New Year

Posted on January 16, 2010


Happy New Year!  Belated Happy New Year to you all!  It’s time to wipe the mud off our boots from 2009 and step into 2010 with our chins up and a smile on our face…we’ve got a lot to be proud of and thankful for!

Ring, Ring, Ring.  The ‘ringing’ in this new year has been our phones.  Yes, the candidates who have been put out on the street continue to call and send resumes, but the better news for all in our industry is that hiring managers are calling!  Now, not to say things are back to normal, that will take more than a few years from what we can tell–however the level of employer confidence to hire is up.  Very good news.

You are out of a job and saying “where are all these companies that are hiring?”  Well, much of the activity is still talk–but they are planning on making changes in these first two quarters.  The jobs will come, but you must be prepared for the competition.

Polish your resume.  It is the first look that a hiring manager has and first impressions mean everything.  Ask us  for a free evaluation of your resume, and we’ll tell you how to stand out in the crowd.

Hone your skills.  Interviewing, whether face-to-face or on the phone, is what will get you the fluid power job you are wanting.  We have many articles on interviewing and offer our candidates free advice on how to best prepare to meet the hiring manager and any others in the hiring process.  It does make a difference, we’re here to help.

Fluid Power Jobs and Bosco-Hubert & Associates, LLC are continually working to find the best talent in our industries, including; fluid power, motion control, power transmission, and automation.  If you have experience working for a fluid power manufacturer or distributor, we can give you an objective view of the conditions in the industry that can directly affect your income and lifestyle!

Our candidates and employers work in these areas:
mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics and pneumatics, robotics, motion control, power transmission, bearings, and fluid sealing. Typically, they are selling, designing or manufacturing components and systems comprised of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, manifolds, seals, hose and fittings, or filtration.

A unique benefit of pursuing a career in fluid power is that our industry encompasses many fields. These include construction, agriculture, entertainment/simulation, automotive, material handling, biomedical, automation, machine tools, utilities, wood processing, packaging machinery, plastics machinery, military, marine and offshore, and aerospace.

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