Get Your New Hires Fully Engaged

Posted on December 11, 2010


By Martin Haworth

When we employ people they are a blessing to us, with the skills, talents and fresh energies that they bring. There is an obligation on our part to make sure that when they show up and become part of our team, they feel that they have come to the right place; made the best decision for their new career.

By looking after them well right from the start (or even before it), you will already set the scene for their commitment and motivation to a successful future with you, where they contribute their very best, day-in, day-out.

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression.”

By John W. Weikert

And although a part of the ‘getting to know you’ routine is about all the ‘I’s’ being dotted and ‘T’s’ crossed from the very moment you agree to hire, this is but a great start. The welcome your people receive must be quite simply how your culture is, for those who work with you.

The consistency must be authentic for everybody who works in your teams – and not just in those early days of employment.

Culture is a two-way street, where you show that you care for people by getting their core needs met at the very least and then build on what you give them. You go the distance for them and then that all-important extra mile as well.

Upon this, they will naturally give you more back too, through their initiative, creativity and preparedness to do that bit more when needed (and sometimes when not).

First impressions are vital, showing that you and your organization walk the talk that was sold as you recruited. That you can hold you head up high and say that everyone on your team knows that they are wanted and actions prove that too.

And providing this level of attention need not be onerous, especially when there is a ‘just the way we do things’ attitude about the right way to have new people come on board.

Undemanding because it’s a natural way of being for your people and the team you manage and lead, making that first impression all the easier and, well, impressive.

Then you get the people you deserve, in the teams you deserve, doing the work for you that you deserve as well.

In the end, you get out of your people what you put in, so there’s the lesson for you!

(c) 2010 Martin Haworth, Business and Management Coach and trainer, is the author ofSuper Successful Manager, an easy to use, step-by-step weekly development program for managers of EVERY skill level. Find out more at


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