Five Typical Questions That Rattle Your Nerves During an Interview

Posted on January 25, 2011


Though most of the applicants fear them, still, the interview questions offer astonishing experiences! They provide excellent opportunities for you to prove yourself. Here is a list of handpicked interview questions. Review them and prepare yourself for a quick interview.

1. How can you judge yourself as a successful job-seeker? Now, this is a typical question! You need to think hard regarding this one. The best option is, always answer it with a big YES, followed by a brief explanation. An instant First-class explanation is that you have already laid down career objectives and you have successfully accomplished some of them. Also, you are on the road to future achievements.

2. What are the things you know about our company? And, this is the reason why my co-authors ask you to do some primary investigation about the organization first. Observe their current issues and strategies. If you are able to mention some points, they’ll admire your professional sincerity.

3. Briefly describe yourself. This is the most commonly asked question in all the interviews. You need to put up an impressive answer in precise statements. Prepare a rough sketch of this answer in your mind and make it natural. Don’t sound like a fake or like a rehearsed parrot! Always include your professional self, don’t talk about unnecessary personal things unless asked by the interviewer. Tell them about your professional achievements or your extra co-curricular activities if you want to make it striking. You may also talk about the vacancy you’ve applied for and the employer’s policies regarding it.

4. Have you applied for the other jobs as well? Answer it in a precise manner but be honest while answering it. Even the recruiters know that all the applicants keep additional alternatives for themselves. Also, do not waste your time at this one; furnish them with only the necessary details. Focus on their job application. It will make them think that you’re really interested in working with them.

5. How much salary do you expect from us? This is a wicked little question that requires some extra attention. If you answer it in a straightforward manner, you lose the entire game. So answer it cleverly indeed. Answer it diplomatically, requesting them to tell their criteria, don’t give your personal opinions. It may spoil your image! Negotiate in a polite manner. In most cases, the interviewers will tell you their range, but if they don’t, be polite enough to ask them. So, these were the puny little devils that make you lose the trail, at times. Answer these questions in a calm manner. Prepare yourself well! Good luck for your interview.

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