Important Interviewing Skills to Ease Nervousness for Employers

Posted on October 17, 2011


Interviewing does not need to be a nerve-wracking situation. Sometimes, managers will have to do many interviews before they find the right person for their available position. They will need to do a lot of background checking and resume checking before they are even able to set up an interview. When you have become an expert interviewer, you will possess the experience to perform the interview without the need to follow a list or any kind of instructions. However, helpful tips are always nice.

A hiring manager must be detailed and organized. The process of finding a qualified employee to fill an open position can be exhausting and difficult, especially if there is only one position open and there are hundreds of applicants. The job can be tedious, but an efficient and organized hiring manager knows how to weed out the weak applicants and bring in the applicants whose resumes stand out for the actual interview. Everyone’s goal is the same; to fill an open position with a driven and capable employee.

Many hiring managers will have specific education or knowledge requirements they are looking for. This should be something they can tell about someone from their resume. All resumes that are in paper form should be organized so that the strongest applicants are on top and the weakest are at the bottom. Anyone who has outstanding skills should always be given top priority.

During an interview, the hiring manager will want to observe the movements, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice that is used by the candidate. One of the best ways to know if a person is truly qualified to fill a position is by listening to them talk. If they seem to know what they are talking about, and they can do it confidently, they will make their knowledge and skills obvious to the hiring manager. If they appear confused or lost, chances are they are not truly qualified to fill the position in question. Especially in times of economic despair, unqualified applicants can sometimes slip through the cracks, which is something that all hiring managers should be watching for.

An interview is the perfect opportunity to judge how a candidate will conduct themselves as an employee. If they did not have the qualifications on paper to do the job they applied for, they would not have been called in for an interview. Hiring managers should have good observation skills. The interview process is the opportunity to see who the person is behind the resume. It is important that the hiring manager place some judgment on the qualities and traits the person displays in their attitude and personality in order to successfully fill the position with the best applicant.

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