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Succession Planning – 18 Reasons Not to Tell Hi-potentials Their Status

November 7, 2011


http://www.­ere.­net/­2011/­11/­07/­succession-­planning-­–-­reasons-­not-­yo-­tell-­hi-­potentials-­their-­status/ by Dr. John Sullivan For years, being secretive has been the status quo in succession planning and leadership development, and few argued against the standard practice of keeping the names of high-performers secret. According to Towers Perrin, “72 % of companies do not tell employees they have been labeled as high potentials,” which means that only 28% […]

Bosses: Let Your Employees Take Vacation

October 18, 2011


By Suzanne Lucas I’m on vacation right now.  I know, it’s hard to tell the difference between my work days and my vacation days since blog posts come up on the same schedule regardless of whether I’m slaving over a hot computer (seriously, it’s a laptop and it heats up something fierce) or lounging around the […]

Important Interviewing Skills to Ease Nervousness for Employers

October 17, 2011


Interviewing does not need to be a nerve-wracking situation. Sometimes, managers will have to do many interviews before they find the right person for their available position. They will need to do a lot of background checking and resume checking before they are even able to set up an interview. When you have become an […]

How to See a Shining Candidate Through a Lousy Resume

September 20, 2011


by Tim Giehll, CEO eEmpACT Software and Executive at Bond Talent Software I’m not prone to feel sorry for people who don’t put together a good resume and complain about not finding a job, just like I don’t feel sorry for recruiters who complain about bad applicant tracking software but who never took the time research such a […]

Niche Sites Gain Monster-Sized Following

April 5, 2011


By DEBORAH SILVER Need jugglers to entertain passengers on a cruise line? Proship Entertainment and Cruiseline Job are a couple of well-traveled sites for shipboard hiring. A high school football coach? Jobs and rank high on recruiters’ lists. Move over CareerBuilder and Monster. Niche job boards continue to proliferate and grow in popularity, […]

Employers: 5 Tips to Attract the Best Candidates

January 4, 2011

0 Five Tips to Attract the Best Candidates in 2011 Nearly half of recession-weary workers are inclined to look for new job opportunities outside their firm in 2011, according to several national surveys. Here are the Top 5 Ways to ensure the strongest candidates, including passive job seekers, find your organization this year. 1. Create […]

What if Your Talent Walked?

December 15, 2010


By John Heaney Google announced this week that they were increasing every employee’s paycheck by 10%, effective immediately. Their generosity appears to have been stimulated by rival Facebook’s focused efforts to poach Google employees. After surveying their employees, Google determined that base pay was the single biggest influencing factor affecting an employee’s decision to stay, so the […]